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WordPress‘ latest version is 3.5.1 and has some very nifty updates.  As per usual there are some security updates and bug fixes so, as I advise all my clients, always update your WordPress software as soon as you see the notice. Of course, always make a backup of your website first but rarely has there been any issues with updates.

Make WordPress Backups Easy with BackupBuddy

I recommend BackupBuddy for this task as it’s a simple plugin to install and you can backup your entire website in just a few clicks. Then ensure to download your backup, before you update your software. BackupBuddy now comes with storage so you can keep your backup off site for extra security.

New Media Manager

One of the best features of this update is by far the new media manger. Now, everything is far more visual and intuitive just click on the image you want from a lovely visual display of all your media files. Everything has been streamlined and this part of WordPress is an entirely new experience.

You can create image galleries faster with drag and drop reordering, add and edit captions more simply and adjust the layout with ease. Much more of what I call an ‘Apple’ experience and will make managing your media files a breeze.

New Default Theme

I guess it’s time for a new default theme and although I feel it should be called 2013, the new theme is called Twenty Twelve. This new theme is simple, flexible and elegant. They have spent time of the design of these one and it looks very clean and attractive. Plus, it is a fully responsive design which means it will look good on any device be it a PC, iPad or mobile phone. A very nice theme that anyone can get started with and be proud of.

Retina Ready

What exactly is ‘Retina Ready’? It’s not just a new buzz word but means how crisp and clear things appear on high-resolution screens like those found on the iPad, Kindle HD, Nexus 10 and the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Icons, images and other visuals are crystal clear and full of detail.

Better Accessibility

Sometimes things can be a bit tricky on devices such as screenreaders, touch devices and mouseless workflows but this new version of WordPress supports all of these new usage modes for even better accessibility.

More Polish

A number of screens and controls have been refined and improved such as the new colour picker. It’s now easier for you to choose that perfect shade of blue, green or whatever.

Plus, there is the usual technical updates that most of us never need to know about. So all in all a great update to WordPress. Remember to update your website soon.

wordpress version 3.5.1
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