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More stable and secure WooCommerce 2.0 for WordPress

E-Commerce for WordPress continually evolves and the best ecommerce plugin I’ve found to date is definitely WooCommerce. Version 2.0 is now out with bigger and better features. So here is a summary of what you can expect. If you haven’t yet tried WooCommerce on your WordPress website, give it a go. It’s free and can get you selling online in a matter of minutes.

Security – Sucuri Safe Plugin

You will be happy to learn that WooCommerce has been audited and certified by the Sucuri Security team. Whilst there is not much to be seen visually to understand the amount of work that went into this audit, rest assured that your website is powered by one of the most powerful and stable eCommerce plugins available.

A Smoother Admin Experience

New Product Panel – a revised product panel making it cleaner, more streamlined and more logical. Adding products is a breeze.

Nicer Order Screens – order pages have had a cleanup, with a more easily scannable interface. We particularly like the new status icons!

Multi-Download Support – products can have multiple downloadable files – purchasers will get access to all the files added.

Less Taxing Taxes

New Tax Input Panel – the tax input pages have been streamlined to make inputting taxes simpler – adding multiple taxes for a single area is now much easier using the priority system. There is also CSV import/export support.

Improved Tax Options – as requested by some users, WooCommerce now supports taxing the billing address instead of shipping (optional), and we allow you to choose which tax class applies to shipping.

Product Listing Improvements that Customers Will Love

New Sorting Options – Customers can now sort products by popularity and ratings.

Better Pagination and Results Counts – Numbered pagination has been added to the core and shows the number of results found above the listings.

Inline Star Rating Display – Star ratings have been added to the catalog which are pulled from reviews.

Under the Hood

We won’t bore you with details of what’s been improved on the technical side but if you do want a brief run down on the improvements to the WooCommerce software … here you go:

  • New class products – more extendable and easier to query
  • Capability overhaul – for admin/shop managers
  • API Improvements – optimised gateway API
  • Cache-friendly cart widgets – now pulled via AJAX
  • Session handling – more reliable PHP session handling
  • Retina ready – all graphics optimised for HiDPI displays
  • Better stock handling – new stock options for unpaid orders
  • Improved line-item storage – easier system to access for reporting
  • Autoload – new autoloading for classes

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