Top 7 Tips For Your Website Marketing for 2013

DebTheWeb’s top seven tips for your website marketing for 2013. Advice from the top experts in the industry on what will be the most important online elements for your business this year.

Guest Blogging

This is still very much a strong feature for 2013 as a viable way to get high-quality content for your own site audience and as a tactic to push your own content out there. Plus, this will get you niche-related do follow links. Just make sure that your blog articles are high quality. The whole point of guest blogging is to get your own content out to niche-related sites and links back to your own website.

If you’re not a great writer, then consider outsourcing this task. You can hire people from sites like for very little and get great content done quickly. It will pay dividends if you spend time with your Elance contractor to explain your business so they can easily write about what you offer.

Keep Google Happy

Google is not going to let up on their algorithmic updates in 2013. Keep in mind that all Google wants is to improve their users’ experience of Google. You may have heard of the latest round of updates such as Panda, Penguin and EMD. These updates that Google are constantly putting out, are aimed at punishing websites that partake in shady linking practices. Just like anything, natural is always best and this goes doubly for getting links to your website. Don’t try and fool Google because it will always end in tears … your tears not Google’s. Generate incoming links naturally and gradually over time. The best way to do this is via social media and there are a plethora of ways to achieve this.

Also, on the technical side of things, 2013 will see Google rating your website on things such as canonical issues (very simply that’s whether your URL is www or non www), site speed (how fast it loads), bounce rates (should be below 50%), time-on-site (how long do your website visitors spend on your pages) and whether your html markup is W3C compliant. If you are unsure about any of this, then it’s best to get a professional website audit.

Google AuthorRank Can Influence Your Rankings

AuthorRank will really be vital in 2013. That is the importance of keeping your blog or website content ranking competitively by establishing yourself as the linked and recognised author of that content. If you are a brand or company then get your authors set-up in AuthorRank and ensure their content is claimed as theirs. As each author increases their engagement online this will in turn push up the rankings for the brands that they work for.

Google+ will be Huge in 2013

Google has been focusing on their development of Google+ for some time and now they expect us to take the hint. And for good reason as Google+ has over 100 million active users but will most likely triple this in 2013. Google+ will also be launching a new range of services in 2013 that expand Hangouts, develop Google Voice VOIP protocol and new and improved Google Chat.

So if you’re not already on Google+ I urge you to take the plunge. If you are, then it’s a good time to spruce up your profile and tweak your circles.

Mobile SEO will take off in 2013

The growth of mobile devices in 2012 has been massive and this is set to continue in 2013. And along with mobile devices comes mobile websites and that leads to mobile SEO. The growth on mobile devices has already outstripped PCs when accessing websites so in 2013, if you don’t have your website optimised for mobile users, then you are missing out on a huge port of traffic.

The best way to optimise for mobile and for Google in 2013 is with responsive design. Ensuring that your website fits well on all mobile devices is crucial for your business.

Facebook Advertising is Mainstream

I often get asked how Facebook make their money. Well that’s through advertising. You may have noticed those annoying ads at the side of your screen whilst you’re logged on. Facebook had a difficult year in 2012 with various problems in their advertising system but 2013 will see them really step up to the mark and offer some excellent offers to advertisers. If you haven’t already tried Facebook advertising then consider giving it ago.

Social Good Advertising

Lots of money will be spent in 2013 on advertising to influence social users on what I call ‘Do Good’ campaigns. These types of campaigns expand and reach out to social media users to promote the social reputation of companies and businesses. This can be considered as harnessing the might of social media for social good and uniting people for a common cause. Individuals and organisations can reach out through social networks in the name of charity to exponentially increase their impact.

Causes such as the Haiti earthquake response, fundraising to assist developing nations without adequate water supplies and Twestivals to support non profit organisations.


So that’s the line-up for 2013. What do you see for the future online?

… Deb

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