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People have often made fun of me when I tell them about living in Australia and living alongside dangerous creatures, that can terminate your life in almost an instant. It’s something you just get used to when you grow up in Australia. You learn to accept there is danger in life. You accept it and then get on with life anyway. You don’t let it change your plans or change who you really are.

The positive thing about living with so many things that can kill you is you learn to appreciate life so much more. Each moment is precious and you tend not to take life for granted. I think that’s why there are so many inspiring people in Australia and where the phrase ‘she’ll be right’ comes from. Live and let live is a motto I’ve tried to live by most of my life and it seems to work well. Not only for business but for personal relationships. You can never hide from the things that frighten us as life always has a way of making them pop up in our lives over and over again. Until we accept the dangers and live life anyway. More often than not, the fear is unfounded and we discover an amazing opportunity to improve our lives for the better, be stronger emotionally and feel that we have grown our souls to the point we can handle anything.

Since coming to live in the UK nearly 13 years ago now, it has slowly dawned on me how many people here live in fear of the silliest things. All living in fear does is create a mediocre life, sadness and frustration. As Will Smith says in his latest film After Earth, “danger is real, fear is a choice”. I’m not saying that there are no dangers in the UK, of course there are but they should only be real dangers. Ones that can actually physically end our lives. Fear of anything else is just fear and we choose to fear rather than, as they good old saying goes, “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

Living in Australia shows you the difference between danger and fear first hand. Yes, there are animals and elements that can kill you so the danger is real but to live in fear of these things means you will never leave the house. You become a prisoner of your fear. Living in joy is the only way forward and extremely liberating.

How is fear holding you back from a truly amazing life experience?