LinkedIn is known as the best social media network for Business to Business connections. It’s a great way to get discovered by other small businesses who may be looked for the products and services you provide. Plus, it’s an essential in any website marketing plan. Just by linking to your website from your profile, will get more traffic to your website. The trick though, is how to stand out? After all there’s over 100 million members on LinkedIn so a little razzamatazz won’t go astray.

This article by SproutInsights shares a great tip on how to add a video to your LinkedIn profile using SlideShare. LinkedIn has some great features and one of the best is that you can now add a video to your profile. By using SlideShare you can add a video that automatically plays when anyone logged into LinkedIn views your profile. You’ll need a YouTube video in order to do this and a SlideShare account.

Take a look at the full article for step-by-step instructions on how to do this:

… DebTheWeb

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