I found an interesting article today about whether Facebook ads are worth the money for a small business considering their social media marketing and website marketing budget. It was all about a very public brawl between Facebook and the BBC. The BBC launched an investigation into whether companies were, quote, “wasting large sums of money on Facebook ads that largely attract those with no real interest in their products”.

A case study which was presented by a social media marketing consultant said most clients were happy with their Facebook Ads performance except when on closer inspection, profiles were dubious and companies targeting an international audience only received interest from countries such as the Philippines and Egypt. With some profiles even been faked.

What you have to keep in mind here is that this was only one report by one consultant. The overwhelming evidence from my experience is that Facebook ads do work, as long as they are targeted specifically to your audience. And to people ‘most likely’ to buy your products and services. This always comes back to good business and common sense really. Picking the wrong audience for your Facebook ads will always return a disappointing result.

Always think about ‘who’ you are marketing to when designing your Facebook ad. Plus, you really can select a great amount of detail with Facebook ads. ¬†Even selecting people with pink hair if need be. Remember to set a daily or weekly budget and stick to it. Never allow ads to run indefinitely as they are never as effective later on as they are in the first few days. Keep these points in mind when advertising and you will be kept on the straight and narrow.

Read the full article here:



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