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If you are someone who is game enough to give website design a try, it can be challenging knowing where to start. Just like writing a book, the first blank page of your website can be a bit like staring into the abyss. Where do you start? What design is best? What content should be included? Are some of the questions that might be racing through your mind. Designing your own website might seem like a good idea at the time but how does one actually get started.

After 15 years of designing websites for people, I’ve learnt that the best place to start is often with someone else’s design. That’s why website design templates are a very useful tool. You get all the HTML and CSS code you need ready in a format that you can tweak and adjust to your hearts content. Then all you need to do is add your own design and colour stamp to it and, hey presto, you have a great looking website.

Here is an article listing 15 of the best websites for free website design templates:

website design templates

Have fun!

… DebTheWeb