WordPress Website Package

wordpress website package

If you are wanting a website or a blog that looks fantastic but you want the flexibility to manage it yourself, then consider a WordPress website package.  Our WordPress websites are based on professionally designed templates that give your site a great look. Plus, you can change colours, font, styles, images and layout. So in the end you get a tailored website that’s just right for you.

This WordPress website package is designed for small businesses who wish to have a website up and running quickly, yet also has the look and feel of a professional design.


If you prefer a custom designed website, then please get in touch for a quotation. This package is not suitable for clients who wish to substantially change the theme and look of the templates.

Here’s what you get in your WordPress Website Package:

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  • domain nameDomain names are the address of your website on the web, e.g. www.yourwebsite.com and you renew your domain name yearly. for first 12 months
  • hostingHosting is where your website 'lives' on the web. It is the space where your web pages, images, etc sit, so people can access your website at any time. You rent this space on a yearly basis. for your website for first 12 months
  • set-up of first 10 pages
  • choose from any template design from www.elegantthemes.com
  • simple modifications to design
  • add your own logo – you supply or we’ll create one for you
  • install all the essential plugins, like social media, spam control & other functionality
  • Google Analytics account set-up or integration
  • backup service with BackupBuddy (first 12 months)
  • basic Search Engine Optimisation
  • submission to search engines
  • social media functionality
  • security plugins
  • video tutorial course on how to use WordPress
  • website can be moved anywhere after first 12 months (transfer fee applies)

from £850

WordPress is easy to use and looks fantastic!

WordPress is now the most popular and versatile content management system around. That means you have total control over your website. You can edit, create pages, move things around, add images, videos and much more, all yourself. And it doesn’t matter if you’re not technically minded. WordPress is a very simple system to use and we provide all the training videos you need to become a web master in no time at all.

Take a look and see for yourself

If you would like to see how easy it is to use WordPress before you dive into a website of your own, then take a look at DebTheWeb’s YouTube channel where you’ll find lots of WordPress training videos. Start with WordPress Tutorials for Beginners. Get in touch with us to get started with your wordpress website package.

With a WordPress website package you’ll be able to:

  • add more pages when you want to, such as when you offer more services or need to make updates
  • add blog posts and news articles to keep your wonderful site up-to-date
  • add and manage client testimonials
  • add videos, photos and more to make your website even better
  • expand your site when you want to
  • your clients and potential clients can interact with you on your site


Q: Why is WordPress so good?

A: WordPress is a very popular content management system or website management tool because it is easy to use and it gets great results for all our customers. It is also a low cost solution to web development which can grow along with your business. You can be up and running quickly so you can focus on your business rather than just a website. WordPress allows you to develop your website yourself easily and simply so you don’t need to rely on a web designer to make changes for you.

  • Over 200 million websites are maintained using WordPress.
  • It is so simple to use and you don’t need to know HTML.
  • There are millions of developers out there who create ‘plugins’ for WordPress to expand a website in so many creative ways. If you want your website to do something, there’s probably a plugin that will do it.
  • It’s great for SEO and Google’s own Matt Cutts says WordPress is “made to do SEO well” – see his video.
  • It’s easy to update content on your website and you can update your website anywhere as long as you’re online.
  • There is a thriving community of developers who create themes and plugins, often for free.
  • You can easily expand your site with polls, contact forms, ratings and so much more without needing to hire a developer.

Q: Can I just have a website and not the blog?

A: Yes of course, WordPress can be used to manage a regular website if you prefer. You don’t have to have a blog if you don’t want one.

Q: Can I change the look of my website?

A: Yes, you can change many parts of your site including fonts, images, colours, backgrounds and much more. Much of this you can do yourself. When you get bored of the look, you can always install a new theme and create a completely new look.

Q: Can I change the layout of my site?

A: All our themes have optional layouts for each of your pages. Depending on your chosen theme, your website layout can be adapted but keep in mind that these designs have been created for the optimal look and feel. So there are some things that are possible and some things that will just look terrible. It’s always best to ask us first about the ideas you have.

WordPress Website Package Details:

  1. Domain registration is for the first 12 months only. After which domain renewals are £15 per year. Domain name extensions include: .co.uk, .com, .me.uk, .org.uk, .net, .org, .biz, .info
  2. Hosting is included for the first 12 months and is based on our Basic hosting package. After the first 12 months hosting is charged at £5.99 per month and payable yearly in advance.
  3. Set-up of first 10 pages is from content and images provided by client. No content is written by us unless specifically requested and will be an extra cost.
  4. You can choose any theme design from www.elegantthemes.com and adapt the design to suit your business. Some templates are restrictive in their adaption so it is always best to check with us first if you wish to substantially change the design of a particular template.
  5. Logos – we will create a simple logo for you if required but we will not go into detailed design. We will only create one logo design for you and it’s up to you whether you use it. If you’re looking for a professional logo, then we can get you looking top notch at no time with our logo packages.
  6. Plugins – we will install all essential plugins to give your website a great head start. Including backups, security, spam filter, social media interactivity, Google Analytics, Google XML sitemap, HTML site map, open graph, local avatars, social metrics and monitoring, subscribe to comments and SEO. If you wish to install any other plugins then this may incur extra charges.
  7. Google Analytics – we will ensure your website is properly set-up with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster so you can track what happens on your site on a daily basis. We can integrate with your current Google accounts or set-up new accounts for you.
  8. Backup Service – we will set-up and maintain an online backup service for your site for the first 12 months. Each month your entire website and database will be backed up and stored on a secure server. You have storage for up to 5 backups, with the latest backups overwriting the previous ones. You have a maximum of 5Gb storage. Should your backups go over this amount you will be notified and charges incurred. After the first 12 months, backups are charged from £5 per month (depending on space required). Backups are included free in our WordPress Maintenance and Security Package.
  9. SEO – Basic search engine optimisation is included in your package. We will add your chosen keywords to the most important page elements such as header tags, meta tags, content, alt img text, links and page urls. Keywords must be supplied by you. We will then submit your site to Google and all other search engines. If you are looking for more extensive SEO, then consider our SEO services.
  10. Social Media – We will ensure your website is linked to all your social media accounts. All we ask is that you supply us with your social media profile URLs and we’ll do the rest.
  11. WordPress Tutorials – We will provide you with a WordPress video tutorial course so you can master your website in no time at all. Of course, we’re here to answer any questions you have regarding WordPress and your website. If you require one-on-one training, then please get in touch.
  12. Transfer – After the first 12 months, your website can be transferred to any other hosting provider. We charge a transfer fee of £60 for this service. You are also welcome to have someone else transfer the website for you.

If this sounds good to you, then get in touch to set-up your WordPress website package