WordPress Maintenance & Security Package

wordpress maintenance and security package

WordPress maintenance and security £380 per year

Keep your website and your online investment up-to-date and secure with timely implementation of updates, secure backups and support staff who really understand WordPress.

This wordpress maintenance package is just like having an alarm system on your website. We cannot guarantee that your WordPress website won’t get hacked or break but it will minimise the downtime, deter hackers and enable your website visitors to enjoy the newest features.

Of course, you can perform these WordPress security updates yourself. Or, if you prefer, you can hand this technical task over to us and our WordPress experts. We backup your site before each update and then once updated test for any potential problems that need troubleshooting and resolving. This package gives you peace of mind knowing that your website remains secure, up-to-date and fully functional. If you need help putting together your website then take a look at our WordPress website Package.

Here’s what you get in your WordPress Maintenance & Security package:

WordPress Maintenance:

  • Update WordPress and all plugins as new versions become available
  • Update WordPress premium theme (if installed) when new versions become available
  • Broken links detected and repaired, both external and internal links
  • Install and set-up new plugins
  • Recommend new suitable plugins for your website

Website Backups:

  • If your website is hacked or content accidentally deleted, a backup will be available to restore it
  • Backup your entire website including database, content, templates, themes and plugins to your backup server or storage each week
  • Backup your website to our backup server once per month
  • Should your site go down, then will restore it from the most recent backup with one business day

Google Webmaster account:

This will ensure you always know exactly what’s happening on your website, check for malware, recommended SEO fixes, see which sites are linking to you and a monthly update report sent to your inbox.

Google Analytics account:

To give you a birds eye view of what your visitors are doing at your website, who they are and where they’ve come from.


  • Telephone support 5 days per week 9am to 5pm
  • Email support 7 days per week

Technical Support:

  • Up to 30 minutes technical support each month to edit, repair, tweak or install features to enhance your website


  • 10% discount on any theme updates or website development work

WordPress Training:

  • access to our WordPress library of video tutorials

wordpress security

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